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All About Web Design (in English)

This is our article collections, tips & tricks about Web Design.

Web Design Process Step 2: Website Design with Photoshop

9 February 2015 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

Yesterday, i have been start writing an article about 5 Step in Web Design Process to Make Websites. Now, in the 2nd step, let start the process of making your website by web designing exactly what it will look like in a browser using Photoshop. The benefit to designing the home page first in Photoshop… Selengkapnya »

5 Step in Web Design Process to Make Websites – Part 1

8 February 2015 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

There are many processes and considerations involved in making a website.  Web design is one of those things that almost anyone can do, but few can do correctly. There are billions of websites on the internet, and the one thing they all have in common is to provide information. Unfortunately very few of these websites… Selengkapnya »

Web Design Principles: Becoming A Good Web Designer

7 February 2015 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

Many webmasters wish they could design great looking web sites, but simply can’t. They’ve given it a few attempts, but either due to lack of application knowledge (with apps like photoshop), or lack of “artistic talent”, they give up. And that’s fine, because it keeps the market for design healthy! But no, it really doesn’t… Selengkapnya »

Tips for Better Web Design in Creating a Website

27 December 2014 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

As all we know, since the craze of World Wide Web is continuously increasing, the benefit of the website is more realized by business. If you would like to develop your company in World Wide Web, then it’s necessary to create the most creative website & better web design, so people can visit your website… Selengkapnya »

Great SEO Tips for Web Design

26 December 2014 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

Today, I want to share a little SEO Tips and SEO checklists that you should do when you are build a website or have a website. As a web designer, the following list of SEO Tips are really important to keep the web pages or website that we produce stick to the rules of SEO,… Selengkapnya »

Google Web Image Format for Web Design

6 December 2014 oleh Bambang Sugiarto

Theres is a brand new format called WebP (The Google Web Image Format), announced just a couple weeks ago by Google itself. From their press release: To improve on the compression that JPEG provides, we used an image compressor based on the VP8 codec that Google open-sourced in May 2010. We applied the techniques from… Selengkapnya »

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