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YouCommentate iOS Universal App

30 July 2012

YouCommentate iOS Universal App Featured

We are looking to port our android application to iOS for release on iTunes. The application is currently available on google play, search for "youcommentate". The application is a simple app which allows a user to consume or create an audio stream.

Application features:
- Authentication against the web server
- Integration with existing restful web services for retrieving stream lists and user information
- WebService notification to the server when a user starts/stops listening to a stream
- Creation of stream metadata through web services
- Consuming an existing audio stream using speex audio format (working prototype code already exists)
- Capturing audio and streaming it to a server using speex audio format (working prototype code already exists)
- Retrieval of number of listeners for a specific stream to display the live listener count.

The application consists of the following screens:
- Splash screen, a static splash screen displaying the logo, website, and app version. User can tap to close, or closes automatically after 3 seconds

- StreamList screen, a screen which lists the streams that are currently available to the user, this screen also includes a button which allows the user to log in, view their own profile (if logged in), or commentate, if they attempt to commentate when they are not logged in, they will be asked to log in. The authenticated state of the user is determinable by displaying the user name and profile picture if the user is authenticated.

- Authentication screen, a screen which allows the user to provide their username and password and authenticates against the web server

- Listen Screen, a screen which allows the user to listen to an incoming stream, on this screen the stream information should be displayed, as well as a visualisation of the stream audio magnitiude in order to give the user visual feedback. The incoming stream is in speex format.
The user should be able to choose a commentate button from this screen in order to start their own commentary over the same event they are currently listening to. Also the ability to navigate back to the stream list.

- Stream creation screen, this screen is used to capture information about a stream before attempting to create it on a server. This screen allows the user to input, Event Title, Event Keywords, and choosing if this commentary will be a private commentary.

- Commentate Screen, from this screen the user begins commentary after a 3 second delay to allow the user to prepare, the 3 second delay would be a visual countdown after which audio from the microphone is captured and sent to the server. Feedback to the user would be by way of an audio magnitude visualisation. From this screen the user can mute their audio, after which they can unmute. They can also stop commentating which would bring them back to the stream list screen.

The preference for design would be that all stream related functions (listen, create, record) be encapsulated in a class such as StreamManager in order to decouple from the UI so UI changes will be easy in the future.

The look and feel of the app are very important to apple (and to us) so we are looking for someone to take on this job who has released an app to apple in the last 5 months who has great design work and can get this app released on the iTunes store very quickly. The only UI Guidelines are the colours have to be extracted from our logo (attached), the idea of the logo, the blue commentary bubble with a yellow community bubble overlayed to give the green for both the combination of blue+yellow, commentary + community.

We will supply all of the graphical assests around the logo when the job is taken on. The expected result is an app that is as described above that is released to the iTunes store.

Periods: 30 July 2012 – 6 August 2012
Jobs: iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone
Budget: $750 – $1500
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