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Use search engines to collect leads

26 July 2012

Use search engines to collect leads

A website design company that is a competitor of our is going out of business September 1st. I need someone to get me all of the website addresses that have Myers websites and contact information such as phone, email and names of contacts. An example of a search query to pull up these sites would be “powered by myers internet mortgage contact_us.html”. That is only one example. I need someone to try any means at their disposal to pull up as many websites as possible and collect any contacts associated with them. There is around 800 of these sites. Some of these sites have 20 or so staff members as well. I will pay $150 for 800 different domains. I will also need any contacts associated with the domains. At the very minimum I need domain, email and phone. However, the name and emails should be included on sites with staff pages of every employee. I have included an excel spreadsheet of how I want the leads sent to me. For example: within the spreadsheet, the second company listed is Atlantic Stewardship Bank, if you goto, you will see 7 employees listed. On the spreadsheet, that would be 7 lines for that one domain. Payout for the project will be based on total number of domains, not contacts. The $150 will be paid for 800 separate domains. Domains must include email and phone number at the very least. Any number short of 800 will be prorated. For example: if 400 domains are provided, the total payout for this project will be $75.

Periods: 26 July 2012 – 2 August 2012
Jobs: Leads
Budget: $30 – $250
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