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Need advanced social website done PHP

27 July 2012

Need advanced social website done PHP

I need an estimation for make a new website. I was thinking to use Joomla as base CMS and have some component created for us or modified as many function in this website are “particular”; but feel free to make you suggestion if you prefer to use other CMS or make your own code (in this case code must be well organized, commented, secure and thinked to be expanded in future so language files, code separed by graphics with template system like smarty or other, etc), specify what you’ll use in your estimation.

Try to explain the project, it have a lot of function, now I try to give the main idea, I send additional detail to who can be interested in development.

In not too much word this website will be a place where digital artist can put their works (registration of artist moderated), users can join (user profiles like a small social, free registration) and vote artist works with points giving preferences. User can make only a limited amount of preference every week that can be gived to different artist or all to same artist but when finishid his number of preferece for a week he must wait the next week for give another limited package of preference (preference not used will be resetted every week).

So we need:
- community system for standard users with profile (with usual thing like pics, interest, socialnetwork profiles, and in addition website related things like his favourite artists, thing he like based on tags (writed by admins so only choose), event matching his favourite artist or his place or other criteria, points, events booked, list of access to restricted galleries and othet things)
- profile section for artist with artist profile (pic, name, location, socialnetworks, like and dislikes, his galleries, event he’ll attend, blog, points/fav received)
- blog section (1 for every artist and merged linked in his profile)
- event section with link to artist (on artist profile must be shown event where his will partecipate) with google maps of active (present or future) events (long+lat)
- weblinks on module position (for link exchange with other websites with statistics on link views and clicks)
- banner with admin panel (clicks, impressions, etc)
- form for contact – request to register as artist – notify “bad” artist or problems
- Photo gallery for every artist linked and merged with his profile, gallery need be a folder with subgallery inside, with at least 3 or more level, every level must have possibility to be free or restricted by admins. Gallery with usual lightbox or similar effect on photo zoom.
- Newsletter for registered user (double opt-in) with different list of subscription (based on user or admin choose)
- Multilanguage (starting 2 language must be expandable later)

Newletter need have automatic trigger (maybe with cronjob) for send mail daily when occour some event like, new event created (for user choosed locations) or user favourite artist post new pics or gallery, blog reply to user message, gift received by user, new artist, user get new preference to give to artist.

Point will be gived to users every week and them can use only week points (so when ended they must wait new week).
Points can be even bought using paypal and this will not be deleted if not used in a week (it’s like a premium points with more value and not expire).

Who interested will have additional details on how website must work.

As told, professional coding, high level of security, template based, multilanguage.
Graphics will be gived as PSD or if preferred sliced by us.
Take care, our english is not “perfect” but please bid only if you’re high level coding as we are more good in read PHP than write english …
And bid only if you can give support after work delivery as this project will grow and will need technical support and warranty (at least 12 months).

If possible HTML5+CSS3 and responsitive design taking care of mobile device.

Budget not fixed may change based on what will be offered.

Periods: 27 July 2012 – 3 August 2012
Jobs: AJAX, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $1500 – $3000
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