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Anda perlu web design, modifikasi website, wordpress template / plugin? Membangun website profil perusahaan atau online shopping? Atau ingin mengoptimalkan website Anda untuk meningkatkan penjualan? Hubungi kami sekarang juga! vision

26 July 2012 vision

1- make a new enhanced website which will change the flow of the site which will work by marketing 12- 16 MAJOR specific law practice areas displayed on homepage.

the main way of Searching for lawyer will consist of 5 steps. choose a practice area, choose a state, choose a city, choose a lawyer which after lawyer will be chosen displays the lawyers profile similar to way it is now also video can be added to lawyer profile lawyer picture upload must fit to scale and look great regardless of what pic lawyer attempts to upload what browser is being used everything must be supported ongoing for at least 6 months if not longer.
2- create new custom graphic layout that is NICE
3- pure valid coding
4- Merge features in new admin panel for us to control, edit, approve accounts
5- add more gateway payments
7 – SEO** WP, link building to market member attorneys, create SEO geared towards conversions and traffic, blog
8 – integrating site with social media
9 – create a page for members to register, buy, and enroll into our marketing service good flow member panel to create a profile and make a payment for it to be easy to navigate within the member logged in panel page.
10 – add additional features and integrate them into website as needs might arise, work flexibly with the website design aspects we need done as they can arise as new site is being built.
11- create a zip code search system to find specific practice area lawyer by nearest zip code
12- website must function perfectly on all browsers

This is a on going project which will consist of first building the perfect website and a monthly payment for SEO and general site maintenance changes that need to be made and general up keep. For SEO will work along side our SEO and if requested make necessary adjustments of what has already been done on page titles tags etc.. if requested by our SEO guy.

Periods: 26 July 2012 – 2 August 2012
Jobs: HTML, MySQL, PHP, SEO, Website Design
Budget: $1500 – $3000
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