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Label design for Candle Jar and Soap Bar

1 August 2012

Label design for Candle Jar and Soap Bar Urgent

I need designs for candle jar and soap labels. I am creating a spiritual line of candle and soap. The designs for the candles and soaps will be exactly the same with the exception of different label size and shape. I would like the design to be eye-catching, mystical and vibrant. (Here is a link a website that offers candles similar to what I am looking to create. I love the design of their labels.
Title and color of labels for Candles and soaps will be the following: (Pink label -Love & Attraction), (Green Label -Money & Prosperity), (White Label -Peace & Harmony), (Red Label-Power & Protection), (Yellow Label -Positive Energy), (Blue Label -Spiritual Healing), (Purple Label- Intuition & Spiritual Insight), (All colors combined -All Purpose 7 Chakra Power).

I am currently working on the wording to put on the product labels. So this would be incorporated last.

Candle label size is 6×4 and Soap label size is 2.5 circle. I have attached a few templates for you.

The candle jar label is 6×4. The soap label is 2.5 Circle. (the honeysuckle rose is a sample template for one of my soaps)..
Please send sample of your capabilities to complete this job.

I thank you and good luck to you all!

Periods: 1 August 2012 – 2 August 2012
Jobs: Brochure Design, Corporate Identity, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design
Budget: $50 – $100
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