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Integrate Complex Conversion Tracking – Adwords/Analytics

23 July 2012

Integrate Complex Conversion Tracking – Adwords/Analytics

Currently I have a website which is setup to use Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Currently, customers go to my website, and then place an order.
I have Adwords/Analytics setup to have that be the end of the conversion.

Ie – once a customer places an order it is counted as a conversion.

However, because of the nature of my website, an order does not mean it is a conversion. There are cancellations and other things that make it so the item is not really a full conversion until a package has been delivered.

I have a private admin page that takes into account all of my orders and all of the information I need about them (time/date, user name from a form, other information from a form) and I would like to include a section that gives me my marketing information (ie This customers came from the ad group “ads #1″ and the keyword was “keyword #4″ and the bid price was “$1.25″)

Can you do this?

If so, the job goes to you. I will have many more jobs of a similar nature, mostly lite html design, and PHP coding.

Periods: 23 July 2012 – 30 July 2012
Jobs: Google Analytics, HTML, PHP
Budget: $30 – $250
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