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fix html/javascript website and make custom javascript

23 July 2012

fix html/javascript website and make custom javascript

my site:

what i need done:

1) need new custom nickname/password/searchmembers forms located on the my account dropdown and the blue search icon on main nav, once dropdown you will see the forms, what i need is same design, but better design, all nicely centered vertically and such.

2) the my account and bioprotege inc png file, the white arrows beside them, what i want is them to still be there but the clickable area only to be on the bioprotege inc png file and my account text, right now its really large clickable area, if need be redo the white arrows so when the mouse goes over the arrow itself its not clickble just the tet and the png bio pic.

3) i need the shadowing/shadow under the detachable floating chat rage banner and sub navigation to be gone, the chat rage banner that has the main nav is detachable and has a shadow under it same with the sub navigation that appears when you click one of the main nav links the dropdown has as a shadpow on it, need both them gone.

4) aswell the detachable menu that detaches has something wrong with it, in google chrome when you manually move the website down by clicking the scrill bar and draging nthe website down it jumps up in chrome, and in internet exploror/possible other browsers when the my account drop down is down and you scroll the website down the detachable menu goes under the my account dropdown area huiding under it, i need the detachable menu to be working perfect in all browsers ( i can get you a pic if need be)

5) for some reason the applets on the main page when yuo scroll down they go ontop of the floating detachable menu and ontop of the sub menu, they should be behind it, dunna why only the applets do it

6) i need a white line under the bioprotege inc dropdown that works similar to the search bar dropdown white line beside the community main nav link if you click the search icon a dropdown appears and on the bottom of it is a white line
i need something liike that but on the top so there is a split to show a difference in the footer and the text that has dropped down from under the footer/bioprotege inc gif.

7)there is a horazontal bar problem, its caused by the dropdown javascript i belive, what i mean is when you minimize the width of the website a horazontal bar appears ( 2 of them if you scroll up and down you see the widths of the bars change) this horazontal bars appear before you squish the entire website they should only appear if your squishing the actuall site not much befor the site.

8) and finally i need a script that on the index page the who is on now and chat rage news are unhidden and the bioprotege inc is hidden

right now the who is on now and chat rage news is unhidden, but on loading the bioprotege inc is unhidden and then the site loads and it closes/hides, the bioprotege inc dropdown should be hidden on the index page by default

then on any other page like is i go to chat guide or any other page but index the who is on now and the chat rage news and the bioprotege inc dropdown is hidden.

Periods: 23 July 2012 – 30 July 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, Javascript
Budget: $30 – $250
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