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Design a basic Website with Php/Mysql

19 July 2012

Design a basic Website with Php/Mysql

I need a website designed and developed in PHP/Mysql with the following details.

– I have a logo, but am open to something new if you think it is better.

– No CMS or admin section is required. All content will be directly edited in the webpages using an HTML editor.

– Exact content details for all pages will be provided to the winning bidder.

– The design layout can be the same for all secondary pages. So possibly homepage layout, and then a secondary layout for everything else.

– The files can just be zipped and sent to me after the project is completed. Please include any MySQL Create Table code.

Public Area:

1. Homepage – explains the service. Should contain design elements, text content, and 8-9 photos (we will provide).

2. Login page – the site user can login/logout to our site here. * Login box could also be on the home page.

3. Register /Sign up form. Sign up form that does the following:

Step 1) Site Visitor (Person A) types in their email address. (Use Jquery to check to make sure that email address doesn’t already have an account. If an account already exists, stop them and tell them to login. If no email address exists, do nothing). Person A types in a new password used to login in the future.

Your e-mail address: _________
New Password: _______

Continue >

Step 2) Person A types in the Name of another person (Person B).

Name of person: ________

Continue >

The following form then appears:

Step 3) Upload 1-5 pictures (JPG only) of the person (of Person B). Have a button at the bottom that says “Continue”. Possibly use Jquery to dynamically upload each image? One at a time (or all at once, either is fine). Once they have uploaded all of their pictures, they can click another “continue”.

Upload #1
Upload #2
Upload #3
Upload #4
Upload #5

Continue >

Step 4) Payment. This step will use Paypal. The user will pass through the Paypal payment page, make the payment and then be returned to our site to see the following page. PROMO CODE, see below:

PROMO CODE: I would like the ability to input PROMO CODES into a database table.
“PromoCodes” Table Columns:
“Code”, “Price”

For example:
“halfoff”, “20.00”

The Payment page would have a text input for Promo Code. If someone enters a promo code (example: “halfoff”), check the database to see if that code exists. If it does, the price the person pays is the MySQL table column “Price”. Example, $20.00

I will directly insert new promo codes into the database table using PhpMyAdmin. No CMS or editor to add these is necessary.

ALSO: All orders are stored in a database table.

Step 5) “Thank you for your payment. Please login to our site.”


User account section – This is after they login.

4 pages/items inside the User Account section:

1. “Front page” Logged in frontpage (link for Logout)

2. “Add new Person” A page to repeat the steps from the sign up form so that they can add another Person (for example, Person C) (this repeats the form steps 2-5 above)

3. & 4. – 2 pages with tables of data generated from the database. (You will only be required to create the templates for these pages and leave blank HTML TABLEs. We will setup the HTML tables ourselves later on)

Periods: 19 July 2012 – 26 July 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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