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Amazon Review Sites x 20

22 July 2012

Amazon Review Sites x 20 Featured

This Project you are required to create 20 Amazon sites review sites with blogs and add Adsense.
This Porject requires to follow these exact steps stated below or your bid will be REJECTED.

******************************************** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY **********************************************

I am open to offers that possibly may exceed the budget stated, specially if you are very experienced.

This project will involve the following :

- Design

Extensive HTML
Extensive WordPress Knowledge
Cpanel knowledge
Graphics design (logo, headers etc)
FTP (uploading and transferring, backup of website)
CSS style sheets (maybe needed for wordpress template editing)
Adding adsense and amazon plugins

- SEO & Keyword Research
- Content research using supplied custom wordpress plugin

1) Do Keyword research on niche products that you are able to find within Amazon, Go through the categories of Amazon and research
find products that sell more then $100+ to $1,000 + , find products that are best sellers and have lots of customer reviews.

keywords that have the following : (minimal requirement)

2,000+ exact match results globally
SECO – Competition in exact match search below 1 million
AWCPC – Adwords Cost per click above $1.00

Once these keywords are identified then you need to find Keywords should match EMD (Exact Match Domain)
for available domains for “.com” “.org” “.net” i.e keyword = dog training , domain name =

Keywords for domains SHOULD NOT include trademarked words or product name which is trade marked.

2) Create high converting Amazon review sites, top quality theme that retain visitors. Create a custom header ( created in WordPress )

3) Add Amazon affiliate ID & and Adsense to the site

4) Add reviews of top 5 with in the category 4 top rated and one average or below average review. Write a conclusion of the suggested product usually one which everyone has rated well.

5) Add blog to the site, install a wordpress blog that will be supplied, watch the instructions video (10mins ) use this tool to help you pull content automatically.

6) schedule 200 posts to auto deploy at different times of the day and calender. 3 posts per day.

7) Start doing on site seo and off site seo. create back links and submit to directories ( WHITE HAT ONLY techniques should be used)

- Header tags – Title Tag – Description should all have the main Keyword found in the URL of the Exact Match domain.

******************************************* PLEASE READ ******************************************************************************
This process is to be followed for ALL 20 sites. As you are required to create 20 sites :
I am open to offers that possibly may exceed the budget stated

Periods: 22 July 2012 – 29 July 2012
Jobs: Affiliate Marketing, Articles, Internet Marketing, SEO, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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